Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Release the cats not the hounds! It's time for you to win some kitty cash when you play this 3 reel 1 paylines video slots game from Real Time Gaming, who are known to come up with some really crazy slots themes. If you're a cat lover, then you'll really want to scratch up some winning spins with this cute, cuddly Japanese, designed and themed slots game. In case you don't know the M.Y.O.W. may look like a meow, but it's really a motto for Make Your Own Win. And when you arrive to this classic three reels slots game, you'll really think it's the cat's meow. At the top of the game you will see the Operation M.Y.O.W. and to the right you will see the Lucky Cat waving to you as he stands over the next paytable button. The background of the game is in dark blue with fish skeletons everywhere. Obviously, these cats are hungry for food and want to show you where they hide the cash in the slot machine so you can win it all up. The great thing about this game is having the options with five different pay tables. If you don't like one, you can pick the other and so on. Below that you can see that the machine pays up to 1,000 coins and you can play up to 3 coins at a time. On the reels you can see various version of cats that range from cute ones to little fighter cats that are illustrated almost like 3D starting with the BatCat, Catzilla, Flower, Kung Fu Kitty, Lucky Cat, The King Cat, Fish and a Dragon. You will surely enjoy all the amusing sound effects every time you change paytable to get more prizes, which is fun to do anytime you like. There is no wild and no scatter symbols on the reels, so it makes the game straightforward and easy to understand. Perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to play some classic slots. Along the bottom are all the game buttons to operate the game and get your information. There is the winner paid window, credits and coins played indicators. On the very bottom you can see the cash out button, bet one, spin reels and the play three credits button if you want to see what that gets you with every spin. There is also a player's balance at the bottom too. This game can be downloaded right onto your desktop, or if you prefer, you can play the game on your browser. If you're out taking the cat for a walk, then this game looks and works great on any mobile device. You can play it on iPhones, iPads, Androids, Samsung, Microsoft tablets or even Blackberries. You still get all the great sounds, special effects, animations and cute little characters that look amazing on any mobile device you have. Once you open up an account, and make your first deposit, collect you bonus, you will see that this game has some nice coin denominations to choose from starting with $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00. If you want to get the best awards of this game you need to play with 3 coins. Therefore, the minimum bet that allows you to win the top jackpot is $0.15 while the maximum bet is $15.00.

Operation M.Y.O.W. Jackpots

You will purr with delight when you see the nice jackpots in this game. The cats of all sorts and styles can agree that helping you win the jackpots will make them really good pets for you enjoy. The top jackpots depending on the number of coins you bet with the coin size $5.00 to be able to win them all. Begin your cuddly jackpot journey with the third highest jackpot, which is 1,600 coins or $8,000 for 3 Catzilla if you bet 1 coin. Or you can go for the second highest jackpot that is 3,200 coins or $16,000 for 3 Catzilla if you bet 2 coins. But if you want to be the king of the cats then you will have to own all the riches in the litter with the highest jackpot, which is 5,000 coins or $25,000 for 3 Catzilla if you bet 3 coins. There are five paytables and the Catzilla is the most profitable one. However, others can be easier to win and also exciting to play. All you need to do is just choose your favourite hero and enjoy. The best strategy in this game is to selectively choose the pay table that's right for you. You can do that by clicking the "Next Pay Table" button to cycle through the 5 options. The symbols on the reels don't change, but the winning combos and payouts do. If you're a beginner, you have options to choose from to keep the game interesting. You can select how many credits you want to bet, from 1-3. And, you can choose by either hitting the Bet One button up to 3 times, or hitting the Bet Max button. If you choose Bet Max you'll bet 3 credits and the machine will automatically spin without you hitting the Spin Reel button. Each cuddly cat character style has there own paytable and you just have to find which one brings you the most winning combinations and jackpots. Play Now!