Basketbull Slots

Basketbull Slots
If you want game that is both cute, cuddly, and profitable all at once, while being easy on the eyes, you have found it! This is a game that older folks will especially enjoy if they are familiar with the novelty basketball teams that used to travel around doing tricks and playing games against the greatest NBA crowd. For everyone else, you’re still left with a cute animal game with progressive jackpots and free spins. That’s not a bad thing either way!

Match Nice Things

You can match many hand drawn things, including Baskets, Bulls, a Ten, Nine, Jack, Ace, King, a Basketball, Cows, Queen, Sheeps, a Dog, and a Milkshake. We’re not sure how some of these made it into the rotation given everything else they chose. They all look well enough drawn, however, so we can’t fault them for it. If there were one thing we were change, it would simply be more illustrations.

The coin sizes are all over the place. You can put down a penny, all the way up to five dollars a coin. Across the 25 lines, this equates to a maximum bet of $125. For reference, this is fairly high. We’re not sure who bets all that much on one spin, but we know they’re out there! We prefer to take it slow.

Great Winnings

Another killer feature of this wonderfully made game is a progressive jackpot that sits across the top. It’s probably the most fun we’ve had in a game in a while just seeing a rack up. This is a popular game, meaning that it will turn to have the progressive jackpot go skyhigh. The longer you play, the more chances to win you get. You will enjoy sitting down through long stretches because of how great the animation looks, and how quickly it all spins. If you want to win it, you only need to put in more time!

Another feature that this game has is the free-throw feature. This game takes its name from the basketball concept of being given a chance to make a basket while no one bothers you. This is our preferred way of playing basketball, as it’s the only way we have a shot! If you win, you get a free spin. That’s it! But it works well enough. It’s the icing on the cake of this otherwise delightful game in always.