Bulls and Bears Slots

This game is a satirical play on the financial genre featuring cartoon characters and animals. You’ve probably never see another game like this, and you probably never have. To our knowledge, it is the only thing, in any medium, that looks and plays the way that it does. If you’re OK with that, there’s a lot to like here. If you’re not into the graphics, however, this one probably is not for you.

Great Jackpots

The first thing you’ll notice here is the great progressive jackpot with wonderful user interface features on the top. They clearly want you focused on that, and let you know that this is a high stakes slot. The maximum bet you can put down at once is $125 on one single spin. This comes from the coin size going up to five dollars, and the number of lines being 25. The bonus rounds also help, with the future guarantee, and free spins bonus game.

The future guarantee ensures that you will be able to win as long as you play for long enough. They don’t specify what you will win, only that you will at least match something successful it. That’s enough to know that you’re probably going to get something out of it. Whether that is a progressive jackpot win or something else, who is to say. But we can’t say safely, however, is that you will be playing this game for a long time and will always manage to wait at least some thing!

Match Nice Things

The things you can match are interesting, and include bears, stock certificates, a financier, a stockbroker, a bull, a safe, a chart and graphs, golden bars, a red sports car, cash money, and a yacht. Everything here looks like something that someone with a lot of money would have, or something from a barn. Very different worlds colliding together in this game!

The progressive jackpot here is our favorite part, but the graphics really pull it all together. Given the current news headlines with GameStop in the stock market, this game definitely has something going for it that others do not. If you would like to participate in it yourself, give it a spin, win some money, and see if you enjoy it too! Even if you just want to bet in smaller amounts like a single penny, there’s a lot to light here and a lot of that will keep you going.