Dogzilla Slots (RTG)

Have you ever wondered what Godzilla be with me like if it featured dogs instead? We’re not sure anyone did, but they managed to make this game, so there’s at least one! It’s a game that has no right to work as well as it does, It will surprise you with how great everything comes together. With everything you would come to love from the provider, it’s one to remember at the least! For starters, this is a five reel game that you will find the usual mainstays when it comes to RTG. They tend to have a template that they use with different graphics, and changing out the bonus rounds. That is no different here. That is not an insult, as it works well. They clearly didn’t fix something that wasn’t broken!

Great Bonuses

There are two bonus rounds here, the double dogzilla feature, and the goes wild feature. These operate how you would expect. One doubles your wins, and the other gives you wilds everywhere. They are both welcome additions that will leave you far richer! There aren’t any big jackpots or anything like that, and the maximum bets are pretty small. The coins only go up to $.20 each! There’s not much to work with there, instead of relying on you playing for longer time spans to enjoy the cute and sometimes creative mix of cuddly and terrifying graphics. Speaking of the graphics themselves, they look great. We can’t criticize them at all for the wonderful job they have done. If there were one thing we were to change, it is simply to have more games with this sort of creativity. It should set the tone for many other games in the genre because they took something absolutely hilarious and took it somewhat seriously. There’s still a cartoon a look to it, but they try to make it look medicine a terrifying and a tongue in cheek way.

Otherwise Standard and That’s Okay

You won’t find many lines to bet on, the maximum being 25. There also isn’t anything else about the gameplay you probably haven’t seen before. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, however, and you’ll still find yourself addicted to it despite some of its more generic elements. If you wanted a game that exudes enthusiasm, is easy to sink into, it doesn’t require much from you, this is a good one!