Derby Dollars Slots

There aren't enough games about horses, which this game seeks to change! The original source of gambling, horse racing is a perfect fit for the online slot world. Betting on it, just as in the real world, feels right. It is admittedly more fun if you can participate, however, which slots do well to include. The bonus rounds are lacking and the lines are low, but what it lacks there it more than makes up for in being the only game of its kind, or among few games, that put horses back into gambling. And with a progressive jackpot like it has, who could complain?

Match Great Things

You can match things across the board that well represent the thrill of the races. a lovely Lady, Coins, cards like the Queen, Horses, King, Ace, Jack, Nine, Ten, the big Cup, Binocular, and the needed Jockey round out the symbols. All of them look good, though not great. They didn't put too high of a budget into the graphics, but they certainly get the job done.

For a sports game, a progressive jackpot is a must. They did not disappoint here, bringing you one that accrues along the top and gives you a taste of what many sports fans probably feel while watching a live race. You can bet in increments up to $1 a coin in pursuit of that, with the free spins feature rounding out the last bit of the bonuses to entice you. Betting across 20 lines, you'll have a good time!

Changes We'd Make

If we could change something about the game, it'd be two fold. First, we would up the graphical budget to deliver some higher quality work. Doesn't look bad, but there is clear room for improvement there. On the other hand, we would increase the maximum amount you can bet. Jockey fans in particular are used to betting a lot more than you're allowed to here. Feels like a missed opportunity to us!

If you want one of the only games in the horse racing derby genre, this one stands high above the admittedly small crowd. It has all the features you're used to and would expect, a nice theme that ties it all together, and enough going for it to keep you addicted. They successfully brought the races to online gambling, and we couldn't be happier.