Cherry Red Slots

Few games do Vegas better than this one. It is a classic game that goes back to the older styles of play, with modern graphics and attention to detail. With a high maximum bet and every feature you expect from other games, this is the sort of title that comes together by doing everything everyone else is doing, only better, and all at once.

Vegas Style

There’s no shortage of lovely things to match here, which take their cues from the original Vegas slots. You could match the usual lemons, sparkling stars, casino chips, cash money, different configurations of bills, a lucky lady, a $, a red ruby, a red cherry from the title, two red crabs, and some playing cards grouped together. Should you match enough red cherries, you win some free spins! It’s not much, but it’ll keep you going for longer.

In addition to that, the progressive jackpot along the top will keep you glued to your seat for a while. It always manages to feel like it’s just about to happen. We love it, and it makes things more interesting for us because we know there was a grander thing we are working towards. Of all the different features of games like these, the progressive jackpot is our favorite by far!

Bet Lots

The coin sizes start at a single penny, go up in five cent increments, and cap off at five dollars for one coin. The most you could bet at once is $125 in total. Across the 25 lines, this will make for some big winnings if you are willing to put down that much at once. We tend to put down less and play for longer, but to each their own!

Although this is of the prettiest games anyone’s ever seen, we do think it looks gorgeous. There is something about the graphics that make them look shiny, polished, and well done. Nothing here is innovative and there aren’t any esoteric names to keep you interested in it thematically, but it does look like a slot that have a lot of time put into it, and pays out well. That’s about all we need in a good slot machine game, making this one a nice diversion from the rest of the games on the market which feature superheroes, fairytales, and things they don’t have anything to do with winning money!