Burnley Fever Slots

Football and soccer fans rejoice as they finally game of game for us! This game is soccer in the American sense in football in the European sense. It has a high number of lines, high production values on the artwork, and everything a good game needs to look great. It’s a stand out title in many ways, as part of a series that features similar graphics. They took the time to do each sport justice, that being just as true of this game as it is of any of the others.

Nice Jackpots

Our favorite feature about this game is probably the large number of coin sizes that you can bet in. The coin sizes here go up to five dollars a coin, typically varying and $.01-$.05 increments. You can bet this across 50 lines in total, which is a skyhigh number. This makes with a maximum bet huge, and as much as your wallet could afford. The free games feature and penalty kick feature also round out a well put together package, with the progressive jackpot being the crown.

The things you can match will make any football fan cheer with joy. There is a playful mascot for an imaginary team, a football club a bag, a season-ticket card, a scarf, cleats, a T-shirt, a goalkeepers gloves, the goalkeeper himself, a soccer ball, a soccer player, a golden trophy, and the referees we have all come to hate. We really do feel sorry for the referees, as their job is mostly to direct everyone’s anger at a manageable source. We couldn’t do it even if you paid us, although if you paid us as much as this game paid us, maybe we would reconsider!

Great Art

Illustration style here seems to of use some sort of 3-D model as a base, and then had an expert illustrator go over the top of it. It looks like something that’s a cross between cartoon realism and a 3-D model. The charisma conveyed in each drawing is high, however, making us care little about what they used to make it. The progressive jackpot itself also tends to alleviate all concerns. If you are a fan of soccer or football depending on where you’re from, and are looking for a game to suit your toes, this is one of only a handful with that theme!