Ape King Slots

Almost everyone has heard of the journey west, or at least seen various adaptations of it. The most popular of which has been Dragon Ball, which stopped being about the original source material almost immediately. This is a fresh take on it that comes to you from a rockstar developer and has everything from the original story and then some. It also has a colorful animal cast, rather than the usual human characters you would see. Everything about it looks colorful and friendly, and it pays well too!

Coin Sizes Vary

You can match the coin sizes you have become familiar with, going up to around $.10 each. This starts all the way up from one cent. The number of lines you can bet on more than make up for it, being 243. The maximum bet that you can make is $20. This is not the greatest of sums, but with the high number of lines you can bet on, will get you going more than necessary. It also lacks any kind of big jackpots that you would expect otherwise, but makes up for it with multiple bonus features. One of them is the free games feature, the other is the free games with jungle battle feature. They both end with free games!

As far as what you can match, there is a large variety here. You can enjoy seeing a Chimpanzee, Pot of Jewelry, Mandrill Monkey, Jack, Orangutan, Bonobo, Gorilla, suits of cards like Ten, Nine, Ace, King, and Queen. The suits of playing cards are a little out of sorts with the rest of things, but they don't manage to look bad. Everything would've been better without them, but we would prefer that they have more symbols if the alternative was nothing.

Winnings Abound

Our main detriment to why I'm revealing this game is the lack of the progressive jackpot along the top. It is our hope and joy when it comes to these games. It not being there brings a tear to our eye. If you are the kind of person that looks forward to winning it one day, you will be dismayed. Fortunately, for everyone else, you will more than make up with it for how long you will play. If you are looking for a new twist on an old fan favorite, and are an animal lover, you will fall in love with this game, just as we did!