Dirty Martini Slots

Everybody has their favorite drink, and if it’s not a martini, it’s wrong. This game styles itself after the high class sentiment the drink conveys, and couples it with a stylish Vegas vibe that’s hard to ignore. It sits high up in terms of production values and features, leaving little to chance and having put a lot into the art and the UI. It respects you as a player in the same way you respect how much money you’ll be winning. If you at all like the screenshots, give it a look!

Great Graphics

The main draw here is obviously the imagery. It is shaken, not stirred, with a nice sense of clarity and depth. You can match a Martini Shaker, bottle of Whiskey, Olive that would go in it, Cherry that appears in most Vegas slots, Beer as a nice contrast, Champagne for the prissy, Oranges, Strawberries, Pineapples, Wine, and Lemons to round things out as well. There’s a nice variety here the mixes in things from classic slot machine games and those you’d find elsewhere on more modern online renditions of the genre.

The bonus feature here gives you free spins, and comes often enough that for every hundreds spins you’ll spend at least 10 of those most likely spinning without paying. The max bet is high, going up to $100 if you’re bold enough. There’s also 20 lines to bet on across the 5 reels. This sits under the progressive jackpot along the top, ever looming and making you hope and dream for the day you can retire.

Little Not to Like

There isn’t much to criticize about a game so well put together like this. It’s slightly standard in terms of how it plays, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it? They also have a theme to it that is a unique take on Vegas that you don’t see that often. We really enjoy the way it looks, and the stylish flare of how seriously and respectfully they took it. Cartoon games are nice but a dime a dozen. This game stands out and makes you feel like you’re playing something new. Not innovative, but not like all the rest, that’s for sure.

If you want a game that makes you feel like you’re enjoying Vegas while also looking high brow and making you feel fancy as the money rolls in, this is it!