Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots

We’ll start this off by explaining what the future guarantee means. Other slots will have you playing for many hours and you will never win a single thing. Here, however, if you play for any period of time at all, you’re guaranteed to match at least some thing. This ensures that the slot machine is fair, you have a good time, and you will want to come back. This is their guarantee to you, although they cannot guarantee that you will win more than you lose! This is probably because you will soon become addicted to it, and then it’s up to your own luck from there.

Aztec Fun

This is one of many Aztec games that we have seen, and it is about middle of the road in terms of quality. They captured the region very well, and you will never mistake it for anything else. We have seen prettier games in the genre, however. This one instead encourages you to play through its feature guarantee, which if you’ll excuse our repetition and pun, is there a greatest feature.

You can bet many coin sizes, going all the way up to five dollars each. This is across 25 lines, without most $125 being your maximum bet. This is middle of the road for most games, and high for the single coin sizes. Aztec games usually are high-stakes tables, this one letting you go all the way up if you so choose.

Nice Graphics

In addition to all of that, you can match the kinds of things you would associate with the culture. Such as a sacrificial idol, a helmet, a bracelet, someone from the era, a princess, a brooch, a jaguar, and many suits of cards. They all look vaguely golden and cultural, and fairly jungle like. It’s par for the course when it comes to a game with this theme.

If you want a game in the ancient sacrificial genre that has progressive jackpots, this is also a pretty solid choice. Not too many games of this theme have progressive jackpots. This one features one prominently across the top, however, and is our favorite feature. Although we do tend to say that about every future! Either way, it’s a game we personally enjoy, and I think anyone will come to love it if they give it a chance. It’s only a spin away, and they do have that feature guarantee!