Food Fight Slots

Do you want to try your luck with some spins? Food Fight is a reel slot from RTG software that features some delectable delicacies and even more delectable rewards if you rotate it correctly. The game features nine pay lines and a 4,000-credit jackpot, as well as a series of fun and engaging bonus games — some of which may get a little messy!

Up with the grubs!

If your mother has ever advised you not to mess with your food, we beg you to disregard her advice and muddy your hands dirty with this slot machine feast. The subject is simple, yet it is certain to appeal to everyone since, let's face it, who doesn't enjoy food? In fact, we don't recommend playing this game if you're hungry because the symbols depicting juicy fresh tomatoes, enormous meaty steaks, delightfully greasy pizzas, and piles of spaghetti will only make you more hungry. You should save space for dessert, too, since the slot machine has delectable symbols like cherry pie and white chocolate pudding.

Do you want to win some money?

Food Fight may not have been visually appealing, but it does provide a plethora of wagering possibilities, allowing players of all skill levels to wheel at a stake that fits them. Punters have complete discretion over how many slots they choose to set up across the five reels, with the option to participate with as few as one line or all nine. Spinners can also choose to bet one, two, three, four, or five pennies on each necessary for sustaining, for a total wager of 45 pennies.

The game provides players with a thorough report of each prize award for each symbol combination and quantity of pennies in play. To be honest, these payments are a little perplexing because there doesn't seem to be a consistent relationship between each sequence and the sum of pennies deposited. To give you an example, the paytable specifies that when four pasta symbols line, players who play with two coins will receive 500 coins, but players who play with three pennies will only earn 50 coins. Whether this is due to a typographical error or if this is the case, it just doesn't add up and is a touch careless on the side of the game designer.

Become engrossed in these Bonus Games.

To break up the whirling action, Food Fight contains a few special bonus elements. Players who find the scattered components to make perhaps an ice cream or a cream pie will activate both of them. If you land a cone, a scoop of ice cream, and a cherry emblem in any reel spot on the same spin, the Ice Cream Scattered Extra will be activated, awarding a random reward worth up to 405 euros.

The Food Fight Bonus level, on the other extreme, is triggered when players use dispersed ingredients to make a cream pie. This will transport players to the latest game screen with five possible characters - a trainer, a hall warden, a scruffy rocker, a lanky nerd, and a hottie teacher – to choose from. In essence, gamers must choose which character they want to throw pies at. Players can continue tossing until they miss, and each headshot will repay the total bet. In this game, the maximum bonus award is 3960 credits.