Ancient Gods Slots

Chinese culture tends to combine seemingly random animals and things, which are all on full display here. It also has a habit of making it all look absolutely gorgeous, which is equally present. If you wanna game with free spins, great graphics, and love yourself some dragons and tigers, it’s all mashed together here in the usual Chinese fashion!

Super Pretty

Everything here has a vivid and colorful look to it, including the user interface. You can match a wide variety of things, including a lovely Chinese dragon, different jewels, a golden medallion, a snake God, and eagle guard, and the traditional Chinese tiger God. Each one looks like it has a element of affinity to it, and like it as master over some kind of domain. We’re not sure what domain that would be, as ice and water and things like that are all technically the same thing, but that’s what they thought back then, and they have carried it over to present day. At the very least, it looks very pretty!

If you want to get more bang for your buck here, the free spins bonus feature is the way to go. Should you match the right symbols, you will be given another chance to spin. The maximum bet you can make is still $25, but if you get to do it twice in a row for free, to us that is the equivalent of $50. You could also put down up to one dollar for a single coin. Across the usual 25 lines, this will keep you going long into the night.

Free Spins

Another clever feature that they added here is the ability to use free spins multiple times. This is because if you use the free spin feature after having just one app, you can win again. Some slot machine games prevent you from doing this. They let it ride here, however!

If you like crazy Asian looking things, animals, and gambling, it all came together in a high budget production value event here. It’s one of the prettiest games you’ll find, and spurs no expense and appreciating you as a player. The coin sizes are middle of the road, and everything spins by with wonderful animations. This is heavy on the pretty, and light on the features. If that’s the kind of slot you like, give it a go!