Cai Hong Slots

There are no shortage of Chinese themed games out there, and no shortage of ones with tigers and gods and the like. There are few that combine all that in so well done and distinct a way as this slot, however. What it lacks in bonus features and jackpots it more than makes up for in well done graphics and impeccable style. We loved out time with this game, and were happy to see that it went on to become a franchise that shows no signs of slowing down!

Free Games

The headlining feature here is the free games feature, meager though that may sound. Since they were light on everything else, that's the most it usually has going for it when it comes to trying to wow you with features. Instead of piling on things like that, they instead opted for a more subtle approach to letting you sink into a deep immersion through the well done graphics and high pace of play.

The things you can match are all expertly drawn and wonderfully crafted. There's nothing out of sorts here and little to make you think they cheaped out. Our favorite one is the god of wealth, and the lovely rainbows. They really light up the space of play and make it all sing. Alongside that, the lovely gods and animals also came together lovingly, showing a keen attention to detail and an unmistakable style.

Bet What You'd Like

The coins sizes are the usual fair, going for pennies or dollars as you see fit. The maximum bet isn't over the top, but few things are when the budget was clearly shifted into making everything distinct and pleasant to look at. There aren't many games that look as good as this one, even among the Asian genre, which is largely known for making everything look nice and pretty.

Another thing we love about this game is that it looks distinct from the rest of the Asian games, and the other Chinese games. After a while they all kind of look the same to us, but this one stands out.

For features, you won't be looking to this game. If you want something that really pushes the limit with graphics, however, this one's great, and one you won't soon forget. It's a game to remember and come back to, and if you like it, you'll like the spin offs!