It's Good to be Bad Slots

Ever feel like you have a good side and a bad side? Well, you can test out your both sides when you play this 3 reels one payline video slots game from Real Time Gaming. Just tell them the devil made you do it. This game came out a few years ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since. It comes with lots of special features and even two progressive jackpots. When you come to see the game you better bring both sides of your personality. At the top of the game you will see Good to be Bad logo in blue and fire red for the bad side. Then you will see the paytable with all the winning combinations you need to win at this game. On the right you will see a devil looking creature that is holding a pitchfork. Underneath him its says 4 more loses to reach 1 winning spin. So this game is designed to give you both good and bad wins. Below that you will see the progressive jackpots counter that keeps going up all the time. This game has blue sky and clouds on the good side and dark and red on the bad side for the background images. After the random progressive jackpot total you will see that the game is encased in stainless steel just like a land based casino slots machine. The sounds and music on this game really add to the theme with good and bad sounds, depending on the winning combinations you get. On the reels you will see everything that you would expect from a Good and Bad video slots game like traditional Bars, Cherries, Devil and Sevens. There are no wilds or scatters in this game. To the right you will see that this game can play up to 3 coins per spin. There is a Bad Meter that is really cool and gauges the losses you have acquired for possible credits later. You can see the windows for free winning spins, loss meter, winner paid, credits and coins played. The background behind the reels you see lots of flame images that make this game really hot to look at. To play the game you will see all the controls for you to use so you can get those winning combinations. There is the cash out button, bet one button, spin reels and play with 3 credits button. You can even see the player balance window on the bottom.

It’s Good to be Bad Slots Jackpots

What makes this game really interesting to play is the Loss Meter Feature. The Loss Meter, which comes to prove that bad is good, as the name of the game suggests. How it works is that if you get four straight losses when spinning the wheel this will bring you one extra spin when you’re playing. The latter is provided with the opportunity for the player to use the free spin by pressing the cash in button. The good news is that players will be granted from one to twenty free spins depending on the number of losses registered. To put this into another perspective, the special feature of this slot game is based on the concept that the more you lose, the more you should win in return. Keep in mind, the Loss Meter Special Feature is only available in case that the player wagers the maximum bet only. It gets even better, because if the player takes the free spins, they lose their loss count gathered towards the progressive jackpot. This game has not one but two progressive jackpots, which if you think about it makes sense as there needs to be one for the good and bad sides. With the two progressive jackpots, depending on the coin denomination that a player has chosen, you get to win the amount accordingly. The value of the $0.25 jackpot is about $25,000, and the value of the $1 jackpot is about four times bigger. And the means you could win $100,000! So the more coins you play the bigger the jackpot you will win. The progressive jackpot can be won if the player manages to lose 29 consecutive spins of the reels. At anytime it can be payback time, which is great when you think you’re losing, there is hope yet so don’t give up. The player’s progress can be monitored and checked any time on the Loss Meter on the right of the game. This game can be downloaded right onto your computer, or if you prefer, you can play right in your browser with the instant play option. On the way, to be either good or bad wherever you go. You can play on any mobile device and you get all the same features, jackpots, graphics, special effects, sounds, music and bonus games. The devices you can play on include all iPhones, iPads, Samsung smart phones, Androids, Microsoft and Blackberries. You can even set up your account, register, make your first deposit and collect your welcome bonus. Overall, this game is really fun to play and pretty basic when it comes right down to it. There are no wilds or scatters, so it’s easy to follow. What makes this game different is the Loss Meter Special Feature and the two progressive jackpots which is rare to find on any classic 3 reels slots machine. Real Time Gaming is always coming up with new features on their games that keeps them cutting edge and enjoyed by people all over the world. US players are welcome to play this game as well, and can enjoy being both good and bad. Play Now!