Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble Bubble Slots

Everybody knows Halloween, and it has an unmistakable mythos that has come to surround it. This game picks up on all of that, it makes it cartoony. Featuring some attractive witches and some nice colorful graphics, this is a low-key game that will win over fans of the season. If you are not into that stuff, you probably won't care. If you are, however, it's going to be a game that you remember, and come back to often, no matter the time of year!

Simple Mechanics

The mechanics of the game are pretty much what you see you is what you get. There are five reels to bet on, across 50 lines. Coins go all the way up to $.25 each. You can bet in small penny increments, and that's about it. Your maximum bet is only $12.50. That is lower than average, but still enough to have a good time.

In this game, it excels in the amount of bonus rounds it contains. There is a win-win feature, a bewitched feature, a wild witch is future, and great ghosts future. All of these differ, but mainly involve you wanting more money or getting some wild or free spins. There isn't a bonus game under the sun that's going to make you rethink the genre. This game certainly does not. The amount you are given, however, does make it feel like you are able to win more often, and in higher amounts.

The symbols are well drawn, and perfectly fit the theme. There are black cats, ingredients, candles, magic potions, a ghost, Winnie the witch, spiders, cauldrons, magic crystals, and skulls. Everything you would normally see around October 31 is present, and a cute cartoon form.

Cute Graphics

On that note, the graphics also look wonderful. They are not the best drawn graphics we have ever seen, but they get the job done and have a cute feel. If you like the nightmare before Christmas, this is like a B version of that. Maybe even a C version. It's quite down on the list from a higher production value game, but it still manages to pull it off!

If you want Halloween fun no matter what the season is, you can sink your teeth into this game. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about getting cavities! Unless you spend all of your winnings on candy.