Big Bopper Slots

There are nearly 0 Games around take as their theme classic music from an era that most people have forgotten. This game takes a somewhat obscure figure to everyone outside of the music industry, and makes an entire game out of him to pay him homage. The way that it all comes together, it looks sublime, and plays even better. If you were alive today, he would be proud, as well as confused by the fact that he has his own online slot machine game! We’re not even sure if he would know what the Internet is.

Non Retro Gameplay

You won’t see anything about this game that is classic, other than the graphics and the generally retro theme. The reel‘s number at five, and the lines you can bet on number at 25. These are the original Vegas lights that you would have seen back at the time when the big bopper was alive. They instead use their now Internet renowned template with high-quality graphics that had to be licensed from the man’s family himself. The amount of time and effort that went into re-creating of this must’ve been a labor of love, and we’re sure they appreciated seeing there patron featured.

There are many bonus rounds, which is a common element to games by this provider. There is a white lightning free games feature, Chantilly lace free games, and a big bopper instant win feature. These are all titled after hits from the man himself. They involve getting free spins, big wins, and generally breaking up the monotony of online gambling. We love them, and they add some stylistic flair to an otherwise standard came when it comes to mechanics.

Captures an Era

You could match all kinds of things from the era. These include musical notes, guitars, the big bopper himself, radios, and record players. If it at all feels like it might have come from that era of human history, it’s probably going to be here in someway, shape, or form. The way that they look has an almost photo realistic illustration quality to them. They clearly put a lot of time and effort into it, which we appreciate.

For a trip down memory lane, and for many people a trip back in time to before they were born, this game is a wonderful surprise!