Diamond Fiesta Slots

Mexican culture has many lovers and few people have ever looked at the day of the dead and thought anything but 'wow'! Maybe 'huh?', but it draws a lot of attention and for good reason. Combine that with lots of bling and a good number of free spins and bonus rounds, and you have the makings for a memorable and never before seen type of slot that will stick in your memory and hopefully not stick up your wallet.

Great Art and Theme

The bonus rounds here are the main draw, giving you multiple ways to get free games, and even a route to get more reels on there to match stuff. The things you can match also vary more than you'll find in most games, including the suits of cards they threw in. These include the Tequila Bottle, Guitar Player guy, Skull, Maracas, Hot Chili Pepper, Ten, Nine, Jack, Ace, Dancer, the King, Queen, and Diamond. Everything has a day of the dead look to it that holds true and on point the whole time. There isn't a detail out of place that doesn't look like it got attention, love, and care.

The coin sizes here are all over the place, from a penny to a dollar. You can go up to $50 for a bet, across the 50 lines and 5 reels. It's not the most well known game at the moment, but we think that's bound to chance once more people figure it out and find it. It also has a lot to offer with free games, which we'll discuss now.

Many Ways to Win

The free games feature is exactly like it sounds, giving you more time to gamble for free. It comes up the most often, unlike the next feature. The expanding reels feature changes the number of reel space you'll see on the screen, which gives you many options for winning that you wouldn't have had without activating it. Know that you can also activate both features at once, which is our preferred way of doing it, getting free spins while getting more ways to win.

If you don't like the look of Mexican culture, this game won't change your mind about It. If you do, however, this game is going to be a treat for you, and is one we can easily recommend. If you have never played it, do it now!