Dancing Wins Slots

We're not big on dancing, but we are big on winning! Even if you've never cut a rug, you'll find yourself sinking deep into this game and relieving a bygone era. If you never took to disco, you'll be overjoyed to get a chance to relive some of it. If you were the king or queen of the dance floor back then, then you'll be able to struck your stuff here in a very different form. Between the nice artwork and the free games you'll win, there's a lot to like here and a lot to keep you busy.

Great Art and UI

The main draw is the wonderful art, which looks like something from another period of history not too long passed. You can match nice Headphones, hot Dancers, Disco Ball, a Turntable, Tape Recorders, Microphones, a neat Guitar, and some 70s era Sunglasses. They didn't skimp here and there are no playing cards or cheap inserts. It's all quality production work here that will leave an impression on you.

You can't win any progressive jackpots but you do get the free games feature. This as you would expect lets you play a bit for free and looks as great as it sounds when the reels light up as you land it. You can bet pennies to dollars on the individual coins, with a $50 maximum placed on the bets you will be making. Within all this are 50 lines, which is double the usual amount you'll be doing on that.

Nice Animation

Another way this game keeps you hooked is the slight animation effects that happen as you match or spin things. They have a dancerly look to them that's cute and well received on our end. The attention to details like that make us value it a little more and know that they valued us a little more in return.

If there was one thing to add to the game it would be those progressive jackpots. It's not a lost cause without them, however. If anything, you'll be playing for a long time either way, so maybe it's best they didn't have that if we're going to be hooked anyway. For people that love disco, this is their favorite game. We still think everyone else can appreciate what they did here and get in on the fun, however, no matter your age or preferred dance style!