Cai Bling Slots

We never thought we would see an Asian game with urban flair, but we love surprises! This one takes cues from both western culture and eastern culture, specifically China, and infuses it with a modern glow and shine. It has a large number of lines to bet on, a good number of symbols to match, and enough bonus games to keep you playing for a long time. If you are looking for a reimagination of a classic style of Asian game, this one will surprise you!

Hit Features

This game has most of the features you would expect from a hit title. It is popular probably for that reason. You can bet across 243 lines. These lines increase the amount that you can win, making the coin sizes only going up to about a dollar something you can accept. You will also be given ample time to win a progressive jackpot with how long you will be playing. You will get many bonus rounds of it from the free games feature that will increase the number of spins you can make, which directly translates into more time being spent winning that progressive jackpot!

As far as what you can win, or rather match, you will see the usual suits of playing cards such as the nine, ten, Jack, and queen, as well as many glittering gems that are associated with Chinese culture, such as an ornate bowl, a dragon, a lucky cat, and a lotus flower. Everything here looks larger than life in terms of how monetarily expensive it probably is. Each of these jewels looks nicer than the nicest job you've probably seen in real life. It's a game to experience if you're a fan of that sort of thing!

Minor Gripes

If we had to change anything about the game, it would be that we would want more of the glowing gem type things to match. We certainly do not dislike what we are looking at when we match, but we think they could have done a better job of expanding the offerings on the reels. If you want a new Chinese experience and have played all the rest, this one will definitely scratch a new itch. It's unique at the very least. We've never seen another game like it, and given the current trend the genre, probably never will!