Bao Ni 8 Slots

This is probably the most distinctive Asian themed slot machine games we have come across. With interesting graphics and a large number of free spins, as well as bonus features, this is a memorable game to say the least! Although it like certain jackpots, it makes up for it and letting you bet quite a bit. If you are looking for a game that is easy on your wallet and wonderful to look out, this is one of the prettiest Asian games we have seen.

Great Graphics

The things you can match here are wonderfully rendered, and have an authentic Chinese look to them. You can match a wonderful golden tortoise, golden eggs, a golden bowl, the free game symbol, a Chinese fan, a presumably Chinese man, and the usual suits of cards, alongside of a Chinese coin. Most of it glitters, and it all looks very expensive, much like most of Chinese culture.

The real draw here is how high you can bet them at once. The coin sizes go skyhigh by comparison to other games. The most you can bet on one coin here is five dollars, with a lower and being near pennies if you are a pauper. You can bet up to $125 on a single spin, although there are only eight lines to bet on. You can still win as much as you would like when the bonus rounds come up, however.

Nice Bonuses

The bonus rounds include a free games feature, the lucky streak respin feature, and being able to get the usual kinds of jackpots if you match the right things. These come about in our experience more often than you would usually see on similar games. This may be because they are making up for the lack of progressive jackpot. It may also be any number of other things. We’re not entirely sure, but we enjoy them!

If you have played any of the other Asian themes that machine games, this one does some up blend in with them. The graphics are a little better than average, however, and you will remember the way that the golden tortoise looks because it’s probably the only one we’ve ever seen in the slot machine game. If gold turtles, bowls, and people are your thing, and you like the look of Chinese goods, you’ll love this game!