Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

There are not many games in all online slot machines that go on to become a franchise. This game's popularity has risen above the rest to take that status. Being the sequel to a hit original, this game takes everything you liked about the original, and then does it again. There isn't anything unexpected here, but there is much to be appreciated!

Hand Drawn Fun

Much like the original game, this game features nice hand-drawn graphics, lots of Halloween goodness, and a slight heart felt cartoon look to it. It's not entirely serious looking, which is the point. If they made it creepy, gory, and bloody, we don't think it would be quite so popular. It probably would not have even existed as a sequel! But they took their time, and made sure to capture the heart and soul the original without simply redoing everything a second time.

What they did redo a second time, however, are the bonus rounds. There is a wilder witches feature, ultra bewitched feature, greater ghosts feature, and a win-win feature. Almost all of these were featured in the original, and work exactly the same. There isn't much to explain about them as they either give you jackpot multipliers, instant winnings, free spins, or provide wilds and scatter symbols. We are not complaining, and we like the fact that the variety of them makes everything seem interesting!

Many Added Symbols

You can match many of the things from the original, with some slight additions. There are black cats, rats, bats, ghosts, Magic wands, voodoo dolls, books of spells, and owls added to the original lineup of cauldrons, candle sticks, and witches. They didn't simply reuse the graphics from the original thankful, either. They took the time to redo things and add some more alongside them. This prevent it from being a complete retread, it does give it some out of a distinct personalities to it, much like the sequel to a cartoon film.

If you liked the first one, we can't think of any reason why you would not like the second one. If you didn't like the first one, we doubt the second one is going to change your mind. Moreover, if you don't like Halloween, this isn't the game for you. Many people do, however, so it's going to hit home with a certain sort of player!