Diamond Wheel Slots

This is one of the prettiest games we have ever seen. Although you have seen fruit and other things across many classic Las Vegas Slots, this game managed to make them all look like they’re made out of diamonds in a way that’s hard to appreciate until you see them. They even manage to make watermelon look like it’s made out of something expensive, with cherries, lemons, and all else looking more expensive than they ever have. The user interface is also great, and the bonus features mix in nicely. This is one of the highest production value we have ever seen on so limited budget, if that makes sense!

Pretty and Glowing

The things you can match here look much like you have seen before on many other games. The stand out feature here, however, are that alongside diamonds themselves, you will have fruit, and absolutely everything looks like it’s more expensive than your first house, and possibly your second. We’ve never seen Vegas look this good before. And we do mean that. This is probably the prettiest game that has taken all the classic Vegas symbols that started all of this. We’re not sure why fruit was originally thrown into the mix, but it has never looked so good!

In addition to that, the user interface and backdrop go with everything else nicely. The images around the reels themselves are diamond encrusted, adding to the theme. There is also a wheel at the top that spins in addition to everything else, which will multiply or alter your winnings depending on where it lands. This is an innovative feature we haven’t seen any other game, it is the one that this game gets its title from. The diamonds themselves make this otherwise stale game in terms of gameplay stand out.

Top Ranked Game

With all that said, this would be in one of our top 10 games. Although the thematic material isn’t going to rock your socks, and there aren’t any hand drawn illustrations or character work, they went the complete other direction and managed to champion again that makes the classic Vegas lot look new and feel fresh. We have rarely come across a game that was so simple but stuck out so much. If you enjoy a good game play, bonus rounds, and all things pretty, this game is a must!