Diamond Mine Slots

You can almost see those sparkling diamonds as they light up this classic 3 reels, one payline slots machine from Real Time Gaming. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced slots players, any one can enjoy the simplicity of this game. Like they say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this game will dazzly any girl who wants to have a big smile on her face while those reels keep going around. People have been seeking Diamonds ever since that infamous ad campaign came out from DeBeers. They have been gaining in popularity ever since. Now you can claim your own Diamonds with all the features you’ll find in this classic three reels slots game.

At the top of the game, you will see the nice big logo in red and silver. Below that you will see the paytable with all the winning combinations you need to get to score all those credits. They are listed by the 1st Coin, 2nd Coin and the 3rd Coin. The game is encased in solid silver just like a slots machine you would see at a Vegas Casino. On the reels, you will see the symbols ready to go and starting with Diamonds, Bars, Sevens and Dollar Signs. Next to the reels you will see the machine pays up to 1,000 coins and on the right you will see play three coins, winner paid, credits and coins played indicators. Along the very bottom, you can see the cash out button, bet one, spin reel, play three credits. There is even a lever on the right so you will feel right at home. You will also enjoy all the familiar sounds and music that comes out of this machine.

You can download the slots machine onto your desktop or play it right in your browser. Either way you still get all the great features, game play, and special effects you would expect from an RTG slots machine. Great for all levels of players the rules are simple just like the game interface. For example, if you bet with one coin and get three Diamonds on the payline, you'll win 50 coins. But if you bet with two coins and reel in three Diamonds on the payline, you'll win 100 coins. If you bet with three coins and spin in three matching diamonds on the payline, you'll win 150 coins. So you just have to plan your strategy and you’ll catch on very quickly. The high/low works on the two extremes in the game. On this online slot you can bet a maximum of three coins and a minimum of one coin. The middle bet in the game is the bet with two coins. The coins played are the number of coins or credits that you use to play the game. For example, if you choose to bet with three credits with a coin size of $1, you are basically betting with $3 on the single game of Diamond Mine online slot. The big jackpot in this game is worth $12,500.

This game looks and plays great on any mobile device as well. You will be able to play on the go no problem. Just imagine sitting by the pool this summer and scoring some nice winning combinations or waiting for your plane. You can play on iPhones, iPads, Samsung smartphones, Androids, Microsoft or even Blackberries. When you see just how well this game plays on mobile devices, you will be amazed. It’s like have a Vegas slots machine right in the palm of your hand; it looks that great. Once you open an account, make a deposit and collect your bonus, you will be playing in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of the game, the dazzling Diamonds and the features really make it lots of fun and engaging to play. Play Now!