Lucky Catch Slots

Right next to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, this is probably the second cutest take we have ever seen on aquatic animals. It helps to have high production values here, because it’ll keep you going and spinning long enough to enjoy the bonus rounds. Of the many different fish tales we have seen, this is definitely the cutest. If you enjoy bright vibrant colors, cute cartoon sea creatures, and would like to win money while looking at them, there is no better title than the one sitting before you right now!

About the Game

This game was one of the first titles we have ever seen that rendered fish in so vibrant and saturated of a color scheme. From there, with the cartoon designs, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. It has a look of joy to it that would normally be only reserved for feature films. They also have a good bonus features that will entice you, and in general, it has a lot of personality. It’s a hard game to forget given how many are of the different elements come together in a unique way.

Slot Game Developer

This is a real time gaming title that comes hot on the heels of many of their other hits. Despite that, it can hold it on against all the other great titles and series. They are the name to beat an online gambling at the moment of this writing. There are some other rivals that come in from time to time to grapple with them, if you could forgive our pun. It’s still the greatest name and online gambling in our book, however. High production values, high winnings, and professionalism all around.

Demo Play

There is no shame in enjoying the graphics by playing for free and demo mode. Everything happens in real time and you have access to all of the features. The only difference between playing in this mode, and playing with real money, is that the winnings are not real. Everything else can be enjoyed to your hearts content. And that’s a good thing, because there is a lot there to enjoy!


The theme here is underwater sea creatures, going all the way down to the bed of the ocean. Here, that’s where you tend to find things that are colorful, bright, and in some instances even can produce light from their bodies. That’s saying a lot and is the basis of most of what they made the graphics out of. Aside from that, it’s generally a fish themed game, and a cartoony one at that. It’s sort of like a neon take on Finding Nemo.

Game Design

The game play here isn’t going to win any awards, although the graphics might. Instead, you will have the tried and true gameplay that has worked everywhere else for so long. And that is not a bad thing. They have coin sizes that start at one penny, you can bet across 25 lines, and there are the usual number of reels. Outside of that, you only have one bonus round. It’s not the most entertaining title when it comes to the gameplay, but, with all the wonderful things going on with animation and graphics, that clearly wasn’t their focus.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here only numbers in at the free spins feature. Should you match the right things, you will be given a free spins. There’s not much to write about there, despite the game still being fun.

Game RTP

The industry standard of around 97% holds true here. That means that if you play for long enough, there is a 97% chance you will win something, whether or not it is something to your liking being another thing. In general, all of these games are audited independently by third parties, so you know that the winnings are real, and it’s all legit. It would be illegal for them to do otherwise, and no one would trust online casinos if they did not!

Play for Fun

Playing for fun is the first order of business when the game looks great! We can see those little turtles, octopuses, and jellyfish fly around on the screen all day. The playing for fun monicker also means that you don’t have to put down real money to enjoy the title. That’s wonderful, because looking at the graphics is fun in and of itself. Once you understand the game and are comfortable with it, you can venture out into betting real money, which is where the real wins come in!

Play for Real Money

Play for real money means that you will have a much better time as long as luck is in your favor that day! You will also get many free spins coming around to extend your playtime, thanks to the bonus round of the free spins feature. Should you match the right things, it comes up more often than it has any right to. There are no jackpots here, so there’s nothing to build towards. You will win at a decent rate with what is on offer, however. We can’t promise that you will win jackpots hand over fist, but you will steadily win money the more you put down.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

This game plays wonderfully across every mobile device ever made and ever known to mankind, throughout the universe, and in perpetuity. On iPhones in particular, we have the best time. The graphics are great enough that you will probably want to play it on a tablet, however. Here, you can see how detailed they are, and appreciate the finer stroke work that is present in the little jellyfish, and the rest of the cartoon fish that they have very thoughtfully and delicately put together for you to enjoy.