Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe Slots

If you love Egypt, and want the highest quality slot in all of the genre, this one is it. With jackpots that goes so high they tower among the gods, graphics so well done they look like they were ripped from the papyrus pages of the Egyptian annuls, and gameplay so smooth you swear it was running from your home computer, this is a hard game to compete with in the genre. When you add to that the usual mainstays that make real time gaming unique, this is a slot that should be on everybody’s list!

About the Game

This is a progressive jackpot game made by real time gaming. It has the usual assortment of bonus features, high production values, and number of lines to bet on that you would come to expect. The theme here is unique and that it was authentically done to look like it was ripped out of a hieroglyphic mosaic. Most games about Egypt depict things vaguely Egyptian. This game, however, actually takes the time to make it look like it could possibly be from ancient Egypt.

Slot Game Developer

This game, as are many, is brought to you by real time gaming. Real time gaming is the premiere slot platform for people that love progressive jackpots, high class production values, and unique offerings. They always go all out across all aspects of game design, this game being no exception. This is the sixth most popular title in their catalog at the present time. That’s saying a lot considering how many games there are across their entire offering!

Demo Play

If you would like to try out what the game has to offer, but not take any risks, you can instantly spin and being playing in instant play demo mode. This mode provides all of the features of the full game, without any of the head scratching when it comes to planning your bets. You are giving a pool of free money to bet, and win fake money in the form of points in return. No matter which game do you want to play, we recommend starting in demo mode so you can get a feel for whether or not it would be a good fit for you.


The theme here is obvious, being ancient Egypt. Cleopatra herself does not make much of an appearance here, aside from a single graphic. The real stars of the show are all of the many scarabs, pyramids, eyes of horrors, and usual motifs of the Egyptian genre. It is well executed, to the point that we would say it is one of the top games we have play featuring that time in history. Even the user interface works it in, as well as the jackpot meter reading out above the top of the site.

Game Design

This game is designed to be a progressive jackpot offerings that allows you to bet across five reels and 25 lines. The maximum amount you can bet is five dollars for a coin, which across the many reel‘s, adds up quickly. It features coin sizes that go up in $.20 increments. No matter how many you put down, or how few, there’s a way to make it work for any budget.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is largely a free games feature. Should you land on this, and match the right things, you will be given an additional number of free spins depending on how many you got during the bonus round. These free spins don’t have any additional multipliers, outside of what would normally be given by the game. One advantage to them, however, is the fact that you will be able to get additional chances at the progressive jackpot.

Game RTP

This game has a sizable return to player, being around 97%. This is fairly standard across most of real time gaming‘s offerings. Should you play long enough, you are guaranteed to win something, whether or not that something is a giant jackpot.

Play for Fun

Demo mode is the go to way to play if you only want to have a good time. It turns the game into a slot machine made for an arcade, giving you the ability to spin, but not the actual ability to win. It’s great for practice, and great to pass the hours when you are waiting in line at the grocery store. If people still even go to grocery stores anymore since the pandemic. Maybe while you’re waiting for your groceries to be delivered, you can play it again for free!

Play for Real Money

If you want to put down some money, the rewards will go sky high by comparison. Real money gets real interesting real quick, with the many multipliers and bonus rounds coming up frequently enough that you will find your money goes a lot further than you had originally anticipated. With Deposit Bonuses from the site, you can gamble for hours without actually using any of your actual money that you put down, despite the winnings being just as real! Money is our favorite way to play.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

We’re not sure how many people would access the site from a desktop computer, but should you choose to go to the mobile route, it will look and play splendidly. It was optimized for the standard sizes and layouts of modern devices, as well as having low latency for unstable Internet connections. Whether you are on Wi-Fi, or any form of cellular networks, the game will look great, play smoothly, and keep track of all of your winnings. If you play it on the mobile app, it will also run just as well.