Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Cash Bandits 2 Slots
The number 2 reveals that Cash Bandits 2 had an original game under the same title. If you played that one, you’ll know it came from RTG, it was very popular, and it had one of the best bonuses around. We think so, anyway.

This sequel mixes in some great features, some familiar elements, and yes, another great bonus feature too. Shall we begin?

Reels and win lines formatting

With five reels spinning into action here, you get a tidy 25 lines to place some bets on.

Coins to place your bets with

The smallest and largest bets are quite acceptable for many players to work with. A cent bet per line gives you a quarter as the lowest total bet, with $6.25 the surprisingly low bet for making the maximum wager.

Cash Bandits 2 special symbols to look for

The game logo is put to good use as our substitute. You can use this to help you put together winning lines, but it won’t replace the robber, as this is the scatter icon.

The wild has the power to appear stacked on the reels, while also triggering the jackpot if you get lucky. Five wilds on a paid line would reward you with a cool 5,000 coins.

Are there bonuses to be unlocked?

Remember the Vault from the first game? It’s back! If you find a minimum of three robbers in a base game spin, you’ll get access to the Vault. Five vaults appear on your screen, and a separate code is required to unlock each one. Try and get four or five robbers to unlock the feature if possible, as these will bring extra picks to help you try and unlock the vaults.

You are guaranteed five free games before you start, along with a x2 multiplier. A correct code guess means you get more free games and multipliers, but even a partial correct guess will add more to your totals. The best outcome would be to scoop 190 free games here. Oh, and your multiplier could hit an amazing x17! We sure hope you manage that!

Download and enjoy playing the Cash Bandits 2 slot today!

Cash Bandits 2 had a tall order to be better than the original. However, we think RTG has managed to deliver on that count. Everyone wants to gain access to the bonus Vault feature, and we hope you can too.