Boy King's Treasure Slots

This game’s basically the Jungle Book with a different look. That’s a simple way to put an otherwise amazing game, which takes its queues from many sources, that being the primary one. We like the look and feel of the game and think anyone willing to give it a chance will be sucked into the fair tale historical atmosphere, and by the nice art and animals on display. If you at all like things resembling this, you’ll be in for a good time!

Match to Your Heart’s Content

Among the things you can match are the main event of the Golden Jaguar, a Blue Statue, cards like the Queen, a Snake, King, Ace, Jack, the Nine, Ten, King Tut himself, a Bracelet, and a lovely Bird. The most you can bet across the 5 reels is $100, and that’s because of the high single coin sizes of $5 at most each. You can still get in for pennies and dimes, but we say if you’re going to play, play big!

You won’t find any interesting bonus features here, aside from the free spins feature. We are not even sure we would consider that a future, out of this is so rudimentary. If you match the golden Jaguars, however, you can get a nice bonus, which will increase your winnings enough that you might be able to retire from online gambling in general!

No Big Jackpot

This game is fairly sparse when it comes to features, the lack of a progressive jackpot being a sad omission. That is usually our favorite part of any game. The lack of it here is made up for by the art style, which for some will be enough to keep them interested. It would’ve been nice if they would have gone all out and added a jackpot, however, to round out the experience.

The art style here is so well done that it looks like some mixture of hand drawn and 3-D rendering. The animals captured convey lots of character, and even the simple suits of playing cards are more than meets the eye. It creates a nice regional atmosphere and makes you believe that it could’ve been found in Egypt itself. We’re not sure if there are any other games in the series, but it does stand out visually! If you want a stand out game overall, in more ways than just the art, this is it.