Aztec's Treasure Slots

This is one game among millions with a common theme. It stands higher above the rest, however, sacrificing them at the altar to greater gains. This game takes some of the best elements from other games in this genre. It combines them with a progressive jackpot, and unlimited free spins, or at least it can feel that way with how often they come up. If you want a game that will at once while you with the graphics while at the same time filling your wallet, this is one of the better entries in that genre.

Matching Up

You could match the usual suits of playing cards, a soaring eagle, a treasure chest, a dangerous looking leopard, an idol, a king, and an ornate looking necklace. All of these come together to make for a high class setup, with the free spins bonus feature happening if you match the right ones. Another thing that we like about all the symbols is how great they look. They put a lot of time and effort into the graphics here. We can't fault them for anything that they did there. If we can change anything, it would only be to see more of them!

Gameplay is Standard

The game otherwise plays in a standard way. Coins go up to five dollars, starting at just a penny. You can bet across the 20 lines that are on display, for a maximum about that goes up to around $100 for a single spin. The progressive jackpot is also along the top looking down upon you like a smiling God. If you play long enough for pennies, you have a better chance of getting that one. If you put more money down on the single spin, however, you have a better chance of winning overall. It's up to you which you decide as a better bet, and as a highly personal decision.

There isn't much not to like about this game, only that the theme is somewhat well worn in the online slot genre. Even in Las Vegas itself, you can see games of this kind all over the place. It's impressive than that this one still manages to be memorable, and never out stays as welcome. For a game that is a champion of the genre, has a progressive jackpot, and never stops rewarding the player, you could do no better than this one!