Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Call the firetruck, great balls of fire, this game is smoking fun to play. Prepare to heat up this machine and win big when you play this 3 reels 1 payline video slots game from Real Time Gaming. If you love the classic 3 reels, then you'll really like to play this game and see what kind of payouts you can get. This game is full of flames and is exciting to play as you will see when you take your first look. At the top of the game, you will see the logo with the triple sevens and the hot flames everywhere. Below that you will see the pay table with all the winning combinations you need to get to win all that cash. There is the 1st coin table, 2nd coin table and the 3rd coin table. The more coins you bet the better the prizes you will get. Underneath the paytable you will see that the machine pays up to 1000 coins. This game is nice and simple to play and great for beginners. On the right you will see that this game plays three coins and below that is the winners paid amount, credits and coins played. The symbols on the reels play off the fire theme and include: One Black Bar, Two Black Bars, Three Black Bars, Fireballs and Red Sevens. There are no wild or scatter symbols and they can create a total of 8 winning combinations. Along the bottom of the game are all the buttons you need to play the game and include: Cash out, bet one, spin reels and play 3 credits. This game can be downloaded onto your desktop computer or if you prefer, go ahead and select the instant play option where you can play right in your browser. Heading outside to have some fun in the city, no problem, keep the fire going on your mobile device. This game looks and plays great on all major mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Samsung smartphones, Androids or even Blackberries. You still get all the same game play and functionality. You will also get all the great sounds and special effects. It's like having the hottest classic 3 reels slots machine right in the palm of your hands. Plan your strategy as you can choose among such coin sizes as $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00. In order to win the top jackpot of this game you need to bet 3 coins only. Remember, the minimum bet to have the opportunity to win the highest award is $0.15. The maximum bet of this game is $15.00. This game is simple and easy to understand making it great for all levels of slots players. If you just want to hang out and play with a hot slots machine, then you will really like to have this game at your side. On your mobile device, you can sign up for an account, make your first deposit and start playing. Go to the casino lobby and you will see the game under the classics three reels.

Triple 7 Inferno Slots Jackpots

This game just keeps getting hotter when you factor in the smoking jackpots that have some really decent amounts you can win. Get ready to load up your fire trucks full of cash when you see the totals. You can win the top jackpots depending on the number of coins you bet with the coin size $5.00. Begin your Triple 7 Inferno slots journey when you play for these jackpots starting with the third highest jackpot which is 300 coins or $1,500 for 3 Red Sevens if you bet 3 coins. Keep the momentum going and play for the second jackpot which is 500 coins or $2,500 for 3 Fireballs if you bet 2 coins. But if you want to have a really hot summer full of cash then go the highest jackpot is 1,000 coins or $5,000 for 3 Fireballs if you bet 3 coins. The fun just keeps getting better with the jackpots as you can win the progressive jackpot which will surely put some new fire in your flames. Turn up the gas the progressive jackpot can only be won only if you play with 3 coins. To win this great prize you will need to get 3 Fireballs on the reels. It is also the top jackpot of this game that is 1,000 coins or $5,000. What's amazing is that such a simple game with hot graphics can present such an impressive award. The strategy to getting the most out of this game is to go for the jackpots and especially the progressive jackpot. Just keep your eyes on the paytables, bet with the 3 coins and you never know, you could be the winner of a nice big jackpot that could change everything for you this summer. Play next to the campfire cooking marshmallows or wherever you want on your mobile device. Play Now!