Jazz Time Slots

RTG has created a game for aficionados of jazz music called Jazz Time. This musical style has a long and storied history and is regarded as polished and respectable, especially when contrasted to other mainstream genres. It has a sizable following, but it pales in comparison to other genres of music. Listening to outstanding jazz is still a popular pastime today, and it's much better when one can go to a bar and hear live acts perform. The game's layout is a little odd because the symbols aren't squares, but it's otherwise a standard 5-reel, 9-pay line slot. It does, however, appear and feel like an old game, not at all current, but we suppose that's to be anticipated when it pertains to jazz. Though the winnings are substantial, with the top prize reaching $250,000, the game's features are limited, with only a dispersion sign and one bonus element.

Jazz Time Characteristics

As we previously stated, the game does not provide you with a large number of options in terms of features, but there are some. The Jazz Concert is one, and the Big Money Random Bonus is the other.

Scatter Bonus with a Lot of Money

This bonus round is triggered by a combination of three kinds of scatter symbols. In order to complete the drum set and advance to the bonus round, you must gather all three component symbols. Drumsticks, snare drum, and hi-hat are the three component symbols. When these three scatters are used to build the drums, you will be awarded a 350x prize, which is a multiplier applied to the total bet.

Jam Session in Jazz

Jazz Jam, the game's second major feature, demands the player to gather three random emblems with pianists on them. The three keyboard symbols do not must be on the identical payline; they can appear anywhere on the board. You can actively participate in the bonus round by selecting the devices that will be used during the song session that follows. You win a prize if those instruments can generate a beautiful groove together. You can keep choosing instruments until you reach a horrible note, after which the game will end. In this bonus game, you can win up to 4,000 coins.

Optional bets and jackpots

Jazz Time has a different betting structure than other RTG games. Each coin has the same value of $0.01 to $5, and you can utilize up to five coins per line. You can spend up to 45 pennies with a worth of up to $225 on the nine lines provided. The 10,000x multiplier attached to the line wager will give you some large prizes along the way. If all five pennies were used at their maximum value, the prize would be $250,000.

Symbols and design

To be honest, it's not a terrific design, and it's not only because it looks outdated and dark. There is such a matter with too much sepia coloring, and the symbols and surrounding visuals just don't work together.

Is It Worth Your Time to Play?

A $250,000 jackpot may be the only incentive one ever has to enjoy the game, but it certainly helps if you enjoy this genre of music. Its graphics aren't particularly outstanding, and it doesn't have as many features as other RTG slots. Jazz Time may be found at any casino game that uses RTG software, and it can be played for complimentary or for actual cash.